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Waterside Ear Care specializes in providing convenient ear wax removal services directly at clients' homes. With a range of effective methods available, including microsuction, irrigation, and manual removal, the experienced professionals ensure thorough and comfortable wax removal.


The cost for the home visit is £70, covering the removal of wax from one or both ears. In cases where no wax is found during the examination, the client only pays a £20 examination fee. 


The choice of wax removal method is determined based on the client's overall health and the condition of their ears, aiming to prioritize safety and comfort. To ensure a comprehensive approach, multiple methods are often employed during the wax removal process.


Microsuction machine used by Waterside Ear Care


Microsuction is the process of gently removing ear wax using a low pressure suction machine and a small probe inserted into the ear.


This method performed by experienced practitioner is suitable for most patients.

Electronic Ear Irrigation machine used by Waterside Ear Care


An electronic ear irrigator is used to flush ear wax out of the ear using warm water. This is a safer method than an ear syringing.  Adjustable pressure allows to control the flow of water.


This method is not suitable if you have perforated ear drum, recurrent ear infections or recent operations. 

Manual wax removal tools used by Waterside Ear Care


Manual wax removal is performed using fine tools like Jobson Horne or miniature forceps.


It is the preferred method, if client has narrow ear canals, perforated ear drum, weakened immune system or diabetes. It is also used with clients suffering from severe tinnitus.

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