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Waterside Ear Care picture of owner Gosia

Welcome to Waterside Ear Care. My name is Gosia, short for Malgorzata, I am a qualified Audiologist with experience of working for the NHS. If you are a hearing aid user you might have met me at Winchester hospital, where I work as a Senior Audiologist.


I founded Waterside  Ear Care after seeing the real need for the ear wax management, since this service is not easily accessible on the NHS.

Mobile wax removal is very convenient and popular, with both hearing aid users, as well as people with normal hearing who suffer from excess wax build up. 

I carry Professional Indemnity insurance to carry out ear wax removal and I am registered as an Audiologist with The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP). I am also a member of British Academy of Audiology.

BAA logo to certify Waterside Ear Care
RCCP logo to certify Waterside Ear Care
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